I'm not one of those really great spriters, but I've been told that I've done a few decent sprites here and there. When newer editors are having trouble with something, I try to help instead of trying to score points by making fun of them. So here is where I'll put a few of my tips and methods.

Sprite Work:
Clear, Resized Sprites on the Internet
Sprite Bases
Sprite Ripping - Genecyst tricks
Lifebar Value Conversion

Here are some useful links to programs and to tutorials done by people who, unlike me, actually know what they're doing.

Other Tutorials and Resources
2D Will Never Die - Pro Tips "So You Want To Be A Pixel Artist?" by Tsugumo Sprite Domain
IRWT - Mugen Works Justin Game Design - Patreon
Art programs
Utilities, etc.
Zophar (emulators and utilities galore) DOSBox (needed to run some programs) BloodLust
Nesticle and Genecyst

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