Graphic Generators

These image generators will allow you to create your own graphics using both real, edited and scratch-made sprites, palettes, backgrounds, portraits, minilogos. They're useful for things like avatars (just the small ones), setting up character fights, making a group of your favorite (or least favorite) characters or just messing around. These generators share an engine that is a constant work in progress so it isn't complete or perfect.

GFX Generator v.2 - Fight size
GFX Generator v.2
beta added: 2016/04/01
full version added: 2016/09/17,
These generators use 1990s-early2000s fighting game style sprites. Nearly everything from the old Group and Vs. Generators is there with an improved engine. There are still a few things from the old version that need to be added in future updates.
Separate generators:
Darkstalkers 3
Marvel Super Heroes (Capcom)
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Marvel vs. Capcom 1
Fake Screenshot (8-bit)
Fake Screenshot
original added: 2012/12/17
v.2 added: 2016/03/22
This generator uses graphics that are mostly from things other than fighting games. It's currently filled NES and 8-bit graphics. Currently includes Mega Man NES and River City Ransom screens.
Separate generators:
River City Ransom
Vs. Maker (old generator)
Vs. Maker (version 0.92)
added: 2009/06/05
This generator allows you to make graphics with sprites getting ready to do battle. It currently mimics various Vs. Screens from fighting games though few (currently Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men: CotA) are completely accurate yet. There are a few customized Vs. screens as well.

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