Even as an adult, there's still something magical to me about having three-dimensional art of my favorite characters. Many people prefer statues, but action figures are still the go-to format for me. They're (usually) cheaper, it's easier to get characters in the same scale, you can set up your own scenes (group shots or battles), and they're mad helpful for art reference. Really, wanting figures in the same scale is part of what drove me to make so many sprites of game characters in mostly one style. My favorite scale is still 1/18th, a.k.a. classic Star Wars/G.I.JOE ARAH/Micronauts scale, but I fell back into Marvel Legends (thanks to Hasbro's Onslaught wave) and more 1/12th scale product a few years ago, too.

This small corner of the site hasn't just been recoded, but reactivated. No, I'm not clocking the kind of Scrooge McBucks to get the high-end figures (yet), but I've managed to get a few things here and there, as well as finally finishing some Marvel action game crews in Marvel Legends and/or the smaller Marvel Universe figures. I've also gotten back into customizing and I'll set up more pages for those projects once they're finished.

Action Figure Pictures
TMNT - NECA 'Pizza Club' figures, Target exclusives Mega Man and Chun-Li by Jada Toys Marvel Legends: Iron Man with Proton Cannon - 2022 October 2nd Mega Man (Funko) and Iron Man (Marvel Legends) Marvel Legends - Controller build-a-figure Captain America and the Avengers - Villains, March 14, 2021 Bowser by Jakks Pacific Marvel Legends - Thanos 2021 quick pic Marvel Legends - Cyclops 'Love Triangle 3-pack' quick pic Marvel Legends - Punisher Kingpin quick pic Marvel Legends - X-Men NES quick pic (old collection) Marvel Legends - X-Men Mutant Apocalypse lineup quick pic (old collection) Marvel Legends - Spider-Man arcade lineup quick pic (old collection) Solid Snake by McFarlane Toys (old collecton) Samus Aran by Joyride Studios (old collecton) 1:18 scale figures quick group 1 (old collecton) Rockman 8 Iron Buster by Bandai (old collecton) Earthworm Jim (Battle Damage by re:play (pic only)
Golden Axe (Storm Collectibles) Tyris Flare, Gilius Thunderhead, and Skeletons
Tyris Flare - Storm Collectibles Gilius Thunderhead - Storm Collectibles Tyris Flare - Storm Collectibles Tyris Flare - Storm Collectibles Tyris Flare - Storm Collectibles Tyris Flare - Storm Collectibles Gilius Thunderhead - Storm Collectibles Gilius Thunderhead - Storm Collectibles Gilius Thunderhead - Storm Collectibles Gilius with Marvel Legends Spider-Man and Jada Toys Ryu Gilius and Tyris on mounts Golden Axe Skeletons - Storm Collectibles
Street Fighter by Jada Toys
All Jada Toys figures as of May 12th, 2024 Chun-Li and ML Black Widow vs. Cobra Valkyries boxed, front Ryu and Fei Long boxed, slight angle Ryu, wave 1, SFII idle stance Ryu, wave 1, shoryuken Fei Long, wave 1, SFII idle stance Fei Long, wave 1, Sheinkyaku (forgot to reset his non-fire foot when he fell off his stand Ryu and Fei Long in the arcade Ryu with Marvel Legends Wolverine
Articulated Icons - Fwoosh Toys
Articulated Icons ninja - Revenge of Shinobi title pose Articulated Icons ninja - Shokan (in white) with bare arms mod, jumpkick Articulated Icons by Fwoosh Toys - Clan of Dusk Articulated Icons ninja - part-swapped customized Ryu Hayabusa
Current status of game line-ups
Captain Commando by 52Toys Golden Axe - Storm Collectibles Mega Man by Jada Toys, wave 1 boxed Super Mario - Jakks Segasonic the Hedgehog - Jakks Captain America and the Avengers - playable heroes Captain America and the Avengers - Villains Marvel Super Heroes (Capcom) - playable heroes - custom Psylocke work-in-progress Marvel Legends - Spider-Man arcade lineup quick pic (roster 100%) Marvel Legends & Select - Spider-Man arcade bosses quick pic (roster 100%) Marvel Universe 1:18 scale - Spider-Man arcade lineup quick pic (done with different costumes) Marvel Legends: X-Men - Konami arcade - 6 of 6  - 2022 November 26 Marvel Legends: X-Men - Konami arcade - villains - 2022 October 2nd Marvel Legends: The Uncanny X-Men (NES) - playable heroes 2023 August 26 Spider-Man and the X-Men get their own revenge of Arcade after surviving that 16-Bit game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by NECA, Loyal Subjects, and Super7
-Scale Wars: how to figures from different brands and lines look next to each other
Jada Toys Ryu, BST AXN Raphael, NECA Leonardo, Hasbro Marvel Legends X-Men '97 Cyclops Marvel Legends Spider-Man, Storm Collectibles Gilius Thunderhead, Jada Toys Ryu Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary Captain America, Super7 Ultimates Destro, 40th Anniversary He-Man Jakks 2023 Samus Aran figure next to a 25th Anniversary Snake-Eyes McFarlane Superman - Super7 Ultimates Panthro - Storm Collectibles Tyris Flare - Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary Capt. America - G.I.JOE Classified Snake-Eyes

Customized Action Figures
link to Cyclops - classic - Marvel Legends link to Marvel Legends Red Skull - business suit Jo Musashi: Shinobi Radd Spencer: Bionic Commando Rolento Liu Kang Sub Zero: Mortal Kombat
Stefani Rolento
Maki by Stefani Rolento Rolento by Stefani Rolento

BMA Toys (a waybacked archive of their site is here) display at Mid-Ohio-Con 2003 (sorry for the picture quality, I was a non-rich man with a digital camera in 2003, doing the best he can)

BMA Toys Maximo: Army of Zin display BMA Toys Maximo in boxers prototype BMA Toys Ape Escape 2

Links to toy-related pixel art galleries

Toys and Cartoons gallery G.I.JOE gallery Jem gallery Masters of the Universe TMNT gallery Transformers ThunderCats

Toy makers

Articulated Icons/FWOOSH
: makers of 1:12 scale ninja and other martial artists and sell directly from their site. Designed to have parts pop and swap for customization.

Hasbro Pulse
: The online shop for the creators of many of my favorite toys since childhood, including Transformers, the inspiration for my online alias of PrimeOp.

Shopping links that I've bought from and trust


Entertainment Earth

Custom item links that I've bought from and trust

Shelf Presents
- includes customized labels for the Hasbro Fortnite arcade cabs

Current Marvel Legends want list

- Grim Reaper

- Hellcat


- Black Knight (Cull Obsidian BAF) Ebony Blade

BaF parts:

currently - none

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