The items here are for the Beats of Rage edit pack where you can put together your own side-scrolling beat-em-up. The downloads on this page are for anyone to use in a mod whether it's a personal mod or for a project that you're putting together. No permission is necessary, but credit would be greatly appreciated. In the spirit of "crediting anyone who does something that I didn't do myself," much respect to the great creators of the games that these come from like Capcom, Sega, Technos, SNK, Konami, Taito, Atlus, Jaleco, etc., all of the emu programmers and much thanks for Senile Team for making Beats of Rage and the mod version of it.

Enemies link
Fighting game scale
Rolento (SFA2) - Version 0.85 (last updated: 2007-07-19)
Beat-em-up/Side-scroller game scale
Soldier (Ninja Warriors Again) - Version 0.9

Items link
Gold - Armored Warriors (Capcom)
Health - Capt.Am and the Avengers (real and sprite edited)
Final Fight (arcade) - Point and Food items
Health - Rushing Beat Run/Brawl Brothers

Music  link
Final Fight (arcade) - select player (w. drums from later Capcom games)
MSH - Iron Man
MSH - Wolverine
MvsC - Capt. Commando
MvsC - War Machine
Sengoku - Stage 3-1
Street Fighter Alpha 2 - Rolento's BGM
Street Fighter Alpha 3 - Guy's BGM
Street Fighter Alpha 3 - Story Demo 2
X-Men: Children of the Atom - Cyclops (Danger Room)
PS1/PS2 or GCN
Strider 2 - Map Music
Super Nintendo
Hagane - Song 3
Final Fight 2 - Round 1
Rushing Beat Syura - Character Select
Sonic Blastman 2 - Level 1
Sonic Blastman 2 - Level 4
Super Double Dragon - mission 5 (remix of DD1's Lev. 1)
X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse - Wolverine Stage

Fonts link
Font 4
Battle Circuit (arcade) - white with blue trim
Captain Commando (arcade) - main font
Street Fighter Alpha (arcade) - brush font/warm colors (resized)

Tutorials link
Lifebar Conversion - How to 'translate' lifebar values to the Beats of Rage format of 100 pixels

Senile Team (Beats of Rage)
Chrono Crash(Open Beats of Rage)

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