I've resurrected this old area of the site for two reasons. It's mostly a small glossary of various video game terms. The second reason is that I have a bad habit of using unfamiliar slang including a few that I just made up myself. This area is still under construction and I apologize in advance for spelling errors, mistakes and just out-and-out stupidity. This is meant only as a quick 'oh, THAT'S what that means!' resource. Links to much better sites (many of which are referenced for the more technical bits here) are included at the bottom.

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Beat 'em up (Full page here.) - This action game genre is all about the combat (beating them up) and places less emphasis on platform jumping, puzzles or other elements. IREM's Kung-Fu Master and Jordan Mechner's Karateka laid the groundwork, but Technos of Japan were the early pioneers as most of this genre's trademarks come from Renegade/Nekketsu Ko-ha Kunio-kun and Double Dragon. Notable beat 'em up series include Final Fight, Streets of Rage, and the TMNT arcade games.

bomberrhea (Full page here.) - One of the possible negative side-effects of picking up the skull icon in a Bomberman game. This one makes a bomber lose control of all bodily bomb-dropping functions and forces them to poop out their maximum number of bombs in quick succession. Usually all you can do is run around the playfield while defecating deadly bombs all over the board until the effects wear off or you trap yourself with your own bombs and get blown up real good.

bootleg wrestler (Full page here.) - A character heavily based on a real wrestler's in-ring persona.

Boss (Full page here.) - The boss is the character that you must defeat or pass by in order to go further in the game or end the game. These characters are almost always more dangerous than the drone enemies. The different types of bosses get obvious names from where they appear.

bonus (Full page here.) - Extra points, life or abilities given upon the completion of a game's task. Common bonuses include replenished life or points given for the remaining time after beating a level and points given by performing praiseworthy feats, including finding special items, defeating special enemies, and achieving certain scores.

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