Sprites: the Punisher
Games included: the Punisher (Arcade)

the Punisher

Other poses: Bat, Flamethrower, Knife, Pipe, Scully, Stone
the Punisher

Other poses: Axe, Flamethrower, Knife, Scuba, Scully
Nick Fury

Bogart, Bruno Costa, Byron Hannigan, Leon Kolsky, Luis Allegre, Matt Skinner

Yan Lee, Saxon and Hawke

Evil Kunoichi (Blue:Mizuki/Green:Midori/Red:Luna/Black:Misa)

Scully (Blue and Grey palettes), Gus, and Red

Bushwacker (Stage 4 Boss)

The Reavers: Pretty Boy and Bone Breaker

Guardroid1, Guardroid2, the Kingpin

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