Sprites: Magic Sword
Games included: Black Tiger (Arcade), Magic Sword (Arcade), Capcom World 2 (Arcade)

  P2: with default weapon P2: with battle axe P2: with halberd P2: with broad axe P2: with fire axe P2: with great axe
Player 2
Amazon:  Amazon:  Knight:  Thief:  Wizard:  Wizard:  Ninja level 1:  Ninja level 5:  Ninja level 7:  Lizardman:  Big Man Level 1:  Big Man Level 3:  Big Man Level 5:  Big Man Level 7:  Priest Level 1:  Priest Level 3:  Priest Level 5:  Priest Level 7:  unnamed elder from intro:  unnamed elder from intro:
Helpers and NPC's
Chimera: Chimera: Drokmar: Drokmar: Drokmar: Drokmar:
coin:    Black Orb:

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