Sprites: Bravoman / Beraboh Man
Games included: Beraboh Man (arcade)

Beraboh Man: stand Beraboh Man: stand Beraboh Man: stand Beraboh Man: attract mode Arnold/Nakamura: attract mode Arnold/Nakamura: from ending Arnold/Nakamura: from ending
Berabohman & Nakamura (JPN)/Bravoman & Arnold (USA)
Alpha Man: from ending Lottery Man: from ending
Waya Hime: from ending Pistol Daimyo: from ending Black Bravo: from ending Boss - stage 02: from ending Boss - stage 03: from ending Dr. Bomb: from ending
Dr. Bomb: Attract Mode version
Attract Mode/Intermission
Muteki Drink/Beverage: Attract Mode version

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