Sprite and Animation index

Sprites: Most of the content is unaltered graphics from the original games. There are a few edited sprites here.

Custom Sprites: Most of the graphics here are edited from pre-existing sprites from companies like Capcom and SNK. A few were made from scratch. Most were sprited or edited by PrimeOp A few are kind contributions by talented artists like Kiwi Deorum and C4ncel.

Sprite Rips: These are downloadable .ZIP files containing graphics to use in fan projects only. If you use them, please credit the company that made them. These are not for use with commercial projects.

Custom Sprite Packs: Downloadable .ZIP files with customized graphics. This includes small sprite sites like the four lowest Final Fight thugs in the SFA sprite style and a few incomplete sprite sets like the Baroness and F.F.-style Cody.

Logos: Ripped game logos, including a few custom-made logos.

Mini-Logos: 64x26 logos used in Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs. Capcom along with a huge amount of custom made logos in the same size format.

Other: Things that don't fit in any other category page.

If you want to use any of the custom animations for something, just visit or join the forum and send a personal message to the spriter. At the very least, please credit the ripper of the sprite. If you want to use the Sprite Edits, please ask first. Almost anyone who has done sprite edits on this site is also on the board, so there's no excuse not to ask. If you need sprites for your site, PM me at the board so we can exchange banners (even if I have to make one for you).

This place is not your personal avatar or sig gallery to hotlink from. For that, get an account at a place like Photobucket.com or Image Shack. If you want to know what happens when some one tries to hotlink a sprite on a blocked site/page, read this. Then again, most hotlinkers don't read warnings anyway. Oh well, they'll find out eventually.

All characters and graphics © and TM their respective companies and are not to be used for any commercial ventures or products without their approval. This is a fan appreciation gallery.

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