the Punisher (arcade)
200x100 GFX Company: Capcom
Genre: Beat 'em up
Released: USA: 1993
The Punisher teams up with Nick Fury to take on the underworld from the ground up in this Capcom beat-em-up.

Many bits of official Punisher lore appear in the game. The intro features Bruno Costa's assassination of Forrest Hunt (the poor sap hanging upside down from a tree) that the Castle family accidentally stumbled onto. The other men who took part on the hit, Luis Allegre, Byron Hannigan, Kolsky and Skinner, appear in the game as drones. In fact, Stage 2, Assault on Pantaberde, is probably meant to be Punto Verde, the same pool resort where some of these thugs were hiding out to avoid Frank Castle's wrath. How's that for thorough? Though they're known for hassling the X-Men, Bonebreaker and Prettyboy from the Reavers get to appear in the game thanks to an appearance in Punisher #33 volume 2.

Speculation time: The blonde female ninja drones lead by brunette headswap Misa may or may not be a reference to the female Yakuza leader and blonde adopted daughter from the first live-aciton Punisher movie. The martial artists Saxon and Yan Lee seem to be a nod to Enter the Dragon stars John Saxon and Bruce Lee (Cantonese name: Jun Fan) Sometimes Yan Lee even appears with an orange pair of nunchaku.

Sources: the Game flyer (courtesy of TAFA), Appendix to the Index of the Marvel Universe.

Player Characters:
The Punisher Nick Fury
Enemy Characters:
The Kingpin Bonebreaker Bushwhacker Jigsaw
Other Characters:
Microchip (continue screen) Kate Neville (continue screen) Alexander Pierce (continue screen)
Screenshots (click to see full-sized):
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