Sprites: Slam Masters series
Games included: Saturday Night Slam Masters (Arcade), Ring of Destruction (Arcade)

Credits: No Credits

ScrollBoss: Saturday Night Slam Masters sprites

Saturday Night Slam Masters

Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters 2
U.S. Name Japanese Name

Biff Slamkovich / Alexei Zalazof

the Great Oni / Mysterious Budo

El Stingray / El Stinger

Alexander the Grater / Sheep the Royal

Black Widow

Rip Saber

Jumbo Flap Jack / Kimala the Bouncer

Gunlock / Lucky Colt

Titanic Tim / Titan The Great

Mike 'Macho' Haggar

King Rasta Mon / Missing "IQ" Gomes

Victor Ortega

The Wraith

Scorpion / Astro

CWA - Capcom Wrestling Association

BWA - Blood Wrestling Association

Custom Slam Masters
(Original graphics by Capcom / edits by PrimeOp)

Mayor Mike Haggar

Max Thunder(Streets of Rage 2)

Big Van Vader / Vader

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