Magic Sword (Arcade)
200x100 GFX Company: Capcom
Genre: Platformer
Released: USA: 1990
From the game's intro
Once again, the sky darkens under evil's threat. At Drokmar Keep, the dragon's tower glows red, the Blackorb has been reawakened. Destroy it and bring light back to our world.
Both of the main heroes were anonymous in the game but Capcom started to refer to the swordsman as "the Brave One" in the Final Fight: Double Impact material. That name is based on a line from the original arcade flier where it was more of a general description and wasn't capitalized. The guy with the ax is still being referred to as "The Guy With The Ax In Magic Sword" but finally made his way into some official artwork thanks to Udon's cover for the Double Impact game. Hey, better late than never.

Though there is no official connection between the two games, Magic Sword has quite a few connections to Black Tiger, an early sword-and-sworcery platformer by Capcom. Similarities include boss battles against dragons, swarms of bats that emerge from the background, booby-trapped treasure chests that send waves of ground-based explosions, heroes who turn purple once they're poisoned. Black Tiger even has two bosses with designs similar to Magic Sword's Lizardman but in a larger form. This game's intro refers to the heroic Black Tiger as, "one brave fighter." Yes, A brave one, if you will.
Player Characters:
Player 1 (the Brave One) Player 2 Amazon Big Man Knight Lizardman Ninja Priest Thief Wizard
Enemy Characters:
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Other Versions of the Game:
Magic Sword (SNES)
Game also appears in:
Final Fight: Double Impact (PS3 and X-Box 360)
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