Final Fight (Arcade)
200x100 GFX Company: Capcom
Genre: Beat-em-up
Released: USA: 1989 JPN: 1989
From the game's intro
Metro City, a well known Crime Capital, has been ruled by violence and death for many years.
A fact which the newly-elected mayor and former Street Fighter, Mike Haggar, plans to change.
At the center of the problem is the huge gang known as Mad Gear. Mad Gear controls all of the major criminal activity in the city.
When they learned of Haggar's plans, they took immediate action to bring this new mayor under their control.
Sometime in the 1990's...

(in Mike Haggar's office)
Haggar: Hello, Mike Haggar here.
?????: Hee hee hee, Mr. Haggar. So pleased to make your acquaintance. I believe you know who I am.
?????: Don't hang up! We have a little business proposition for you... Your daughter for your cooperation.
?????: And we'll throw in the regular monthly bonus to your salary we offered before.
Haggar: What?! What's happened to Jessica? Who is this?!
?????: No so fast, Mike. Turn on your TV.
Haggar: You son of a... What have you done to her?
Damnd: Nothing yet... but we'd enjoy the opportunity... Listen to reason, man.
Damnd: Why make your job difficult? Just let us do as we please like the mayor before you did.

(in a gym)
Cody: Guy! Jessica was kidnapped!
Guy : Jessica?!
Cody: My sweet heart since child hood.
Guy : The Mad Gears must pay! She's my friend, too. Count me in.

The game was originally developed and marketed as Street Fighter '89 but was later changed to Final Fight. The characters in the game are inspired by a wide variety of sources and Fighting has the best page you'll find about that. The name of the Mad Gear gang comes from Capcom's earlier arcade game, Mad Gear (a.k.a. Led Storm or L.E.D. Storm).
Player Characters:
Cody Guy Haggar
Enemy Characters:
Damnd Sodom Edi.E Rolento Abigail Belger Andore Andore Jr. Axl Bill Bull Bred Dug El Gado F.Andore G.Andore G.Oriber Hollywood Hollywood (fire) J Jake Poison Roxy Simons Slash Two.P U.Andore Wong Who
Other Characters:
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Start Screen
Select Player
And so the game begins...
Guy uses a Muramasa sword on Damnd and Two.P
Guy helps himself to Edi.E's gum
Cody's biography
Other Versions of the Game:
Final Fight (SNES), Final Fight: Double Impact (PS3), Final Fight: Double Impact (X-Box 360)
Game also appears in:
Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 1 (PS2)
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