Company: Capcom
Allies/Friends: Abigail, Damnd, Edi.E, Rolento, Belger, Axl, Bill Bull, Bred, Dug, El Gado, G. Oriber, Hollywood, Hollywood (Fire), J, Jake, Poison, Roxy, Simons, Slash, Two.P, Wong Who
Enemies/Rivals: Guy, Cody Travers, Mike Haggar, Maki Genryusai
Affiliation/Group: Mad Gear
Bloodtype: A
Height: 6' 3
Weight: 263
Likes: Sushi, Pizza
Official Bios
from Street Fighter Alpha 3
The Kabuki Fighter, Sodom, seeks to achieve true "Japanism." How will he reach a higher level of cultural worship? He now wanders the world, in search of his "brothers."
Height: 6.8ft.
Weight: 238lbs.
Blood Type: A
Gear, Accessories, Equipment, etc.:
His weapons in most games his twin swords named Muramasa and Masamune. Also known to use a pair of Jutte.
Appears in:
Final Fight (Arcade), Mighty Final Fight (NES), Final Fight Guy (SNES), Final Fight CD (Sega CD), Final Fight One (GBA), Final Fight Revenge (arcade), Street Fighter Alpha (Arcade), Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Arcade), Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Arcade)
Sodom: stand - both swords Sodom: stand Sodom: stand Sodom: stand Sodom: X-ISM stand
Screenshots (click to see full-sized):
The Beginning
Tags: Beat 'em up Boss
"You will not interfere with my plans!" - Street Fighter Alpha 1 & 2
"You're just too weak!" - Street Fighter Alpha 1 & 2
"Guess I beat you pretty bad. Nothing personal." - Street Fighter Alpha 1 & 2
"Not bad. Maybe you should work for me." - Street Fighter Alpha 1 & 2
"My moves are quite special, aren't they?" - Street Fighter Alpha 3
"Boku wa itchy bun desu!! (I am the best!!)" - Street Fighter Alpha 3
"Kick on see mat show! (We are good friends!)" - Street Fighter Alpha 3
"Oretachi wa mutt achy da! (We are dogs in pain!)" - Street Fighter Alpha 3
"Meet saw, show you? (How do you want it?)" - Street Fighter Alpha 3
"I am the inspiration of all game fans! No... Really I AM!" - Street Fighter Alpha 3
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