Company: Capcom
Real Name: Guy
Allies/Friends: Cody Travers, Mike Haggar, Maki Genryusai, Zeku, Jessica Haggar
Enemies/Rivals: Abigail, Damnd, Edi.E, Rolento, Sodom, Belger, Axl, Bill Bull, Bred, Dug, El Gado, G. Oriber, Hollywood, Hollywood (Fire), J, Jake, Poison, Roxy, Simons, Slash, Two.P, Wong Who, Retu, Black, Retu
Birthdate: 4-18-1967
Height: 5.87 ft.
Weight: 158 lbs.
Bloodtype: O
Eye Color: brown
Fighting Style: Bushin Style Ninjitsu
Likes: Tea on boiled rice, cold tofu
Official Bios
from Final Fight (Arcade) (link)
GUY b. 8-12-1965
He has mastered the art of Ninjitsu and attacks with unequaled speed. He often catches his opponents off guard with his special "Off-the-wall" jump.

from Final Fight 'Player Select' screen (link)
Height . . 5.87ft.
Weight . . 158lb.

from Mighty Final Fight (NES)

Descended from ninja, he possesses incredible agility.

from Final Fight 3 (SNES)


HEIGHT: 5'10"

WEIGHT: 159 lbs
HOBBY: Ninjitsu

After completing a martial arts training trip, Guy returns to Metro City only to find himself caught up in a riot.

from Street Fighter Alpha 3
He is the ninja who lives in the present. He is heir to the Bushin Style, which has endured for centuries. When a threat to the world rises so will the shadow of Bushin. These are the words Master Zeku left. What do they mean?
Personal Data
Height: 5.9ft.
Weight: 159lbs.
Blood Type: O
Off-The-Wall Jump
Appears in:
Final Fight (Arcade), Mighty Final Fight (NES), Final Fight Guy (SNES), Final Fight 2 (SNES) - Cameo, Final Fight 3 (SNES), Final Fight CD (Sega CD), Final Fight One (GBA), Final Fight Revenge (arcade), Final Fight: Streetwise (PS2), Namco X Capcom (PS2), Street Fighter Alpha (Arcade), Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Arcade), Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Arcade), Capcom Fighting Evolution (PS2), Super Street Fighter IV (PS3), Super Street Fighter IV (X-Box 360)
Moves, attacks and powers:
Bushin Senpuu-Kyaku
Bushin Izuna-otoshi
Haya-gake (Dash)
Kage Sukui
Off-the-wall jump
Bushin Musou Renka
- (Super Combo) Level 3 attack Guy first performs in Street Fighter Alpha 3
Bushin Goraikyaku
- (Super Combo)
Bushin Hassoken
- (Super Combo)
Sprites (Official)
Guy: stand Guy: jumping side kick Guy: stand Guy: stand Guy: stand Guy: stand Guy: Win - Arms folded
Fan-made and Fan-edited Custom Graphics
Guy: FF1 stand (edited by PrimeOp) Guy: FF1 win pose (edited by PrimeOp) Guy: FF1 win pose (edited by PrimeOp)
(click to see full size)
Bio The beginning vs. Damnd vs.Poison Desparate times call for eating gum off the ground Round 1 Time Attack stage Vs. Wong in the Street Fighter Alpha tournament
Fan art gallery (currently on character gallery
Beat-em-up, Ninja
"You can't beat what you can't touch!" - Street Fighter Alpha 1 & 2
"Don't worry, everyone loses to me!" - Street Fighter Alpha 1 & 2
"You are so outclassed." - Street Fighter Alpha 1 & 2
"Shouldn't you be crawling to a hospital by now?" - Street Fighter Alpha 1 & 2
"The eyes of a Bushin... No movement can escape them!" - Street Fighter Alpha 3
"You know what... !? I've you on a chain!! Ha! HA! HA!" - Street Fighter Alpha 3
"Senseless killing does not appeal to me. Leave my presence!" - Street Fighter Alpha 3
"There is a great burden behind the fighting skill of Bushin!" - Street Fighter Alpha 3
"The Bushin style tends to overwhelm an opponent..." - Street Fighter Alpha 3
"Perhaps you lack the discipline necessary for you to win." - Street Fighter Alpha 3
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