Gain Ground (arcade)
200x100 GFX Company: Sega
Genre: Shooter
Released: USA: 1988
From the game's EU flyer
A long period of peace has deprived the earthlings of their instinct to wage war. The Federated Government, greatly concerned regarding this ever increasing dangerous situation, developed a GAIN GROUND simulation in the year 2,348 in an effort to investigate their ever waning fighting spirit. However, suddenly without warning, the Supercomputer went beserk and took many of the citizens as hostages. In order to rescue the POWs, three of the bravest warriors were urgently dispatched to go forth into the deadly GAIN GROUND.

Sources: flyer story description: Arcade Flyer Archive. Character names: Hardcore Gaming 101
Player Characters:
Athra, Betty, Cyber, Fire Knight, General, Gascon, Glow Knight, Honey, Johnny, Kid, Kou, Lobby, Mam, Mars, Mud Puppy, Professor, Valkyrie, Verbal, Water Knight, Zaemon
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