Games from the year 1988

Altered BeastUSA:1988 arcade Sega Side-scroller, Beat 'em up
Bad Dudes vs. DragonninjaUSA:1988 Arcade Data East Beat 'em up
Bionic CommandoUSA:1988 NES Capcom Platformer
Beraboh Man
Arcade Namco Platformer, Shooter
Forgotten WorldsUSA:1988
Arcade Capcom Shooter
Gain GroundUSA:1988 arcade Sega Shooter
Ghouls 'n GhostsUSA:1988 arcade Capcom Platformer
Kuri KintonUSA:1988 arcade Taito Beat 'em up, Platformer
NARCUSA:1988 Arcade Williams Shoot 'em up, Run 'n gun
Ninja GaidenUSA:1988 Arcade Tecmo Beat 'em up
P.O.W. - Prisoners of WarUSA:1988 Arcade SNK Beat 'em up
RoboCopUSA:1988 Arcade Data East Platformer, Shoot 'em up, Run and gun
SplatterhouseUSA:1988 arcade Namco Beat 'em up, Platformer
Super ContraUSA:1988 Arcade Konami shooteemup, Run and gun
SupermanUSA:1988 Arcade Taito Beat 'em up, Shooter
VigilanteUSA:1988 Arcade IREM Beat 'em up

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