Altered Beast (Arcade)
200x100 GFX Company: Sega
Genre: Side-scroller, Beat-em-up
Released: USA: 1988
From the game's intro
(Zeus): I command you to rise from your grave and rescue my daughter.
Notes: character names from Genesis manual.
Player Characters:
the Centurian
Enemy Characters:
Aggar, Cave Needle, Chicken Stinger, Crocodile Worm, Dark Unicorn, Grave Master, Gory Goat, Hammer Demon, Octeyes, Moldy Snail, Neff, Rad Boar, Rattle Tail, Rock Turtle, Round Leeches, Saw Fish, Skinny Orcuses, Slow Feet, Three-headed Wolf
Other Characters:
Athena, Zeus
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Title Screen
Zeus commands.
Smashing skulls the fun way.
Wolf transformation
Werewolf Wave Fist!
Vs. Aggar
Other Versions of the Game:
Altered Beast (Genesis)
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