Custom Sprites: DC Comics
Games included: Superman (arcade), Superman (Atari 2600), Batman: the Video Game (NES), Justice League Task Force (SNES), Injustice: Gods Among Us

Credits: Capcom, PrimeOp

characters in this section have sub-galleries. Click on a character to see more of their sprites
Superman: Akimbo stand, scratch-made Batman: 2022 Robin (Tim Drake): 2019 Wonder Woman: 2016 scratch-maded Aquaman: 2016 Batgirl: classic - Yvonne Craig pose 1 Supergirl: 2016, pose based on BoB Oskner artwork
Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batgirl, Supergirl
Green Arrow: 2017 Green Lantern: 2015 Green Lantern- John Stewart: 2016 hover Flash (Jay Garrick): scratch-made, tip of the hat Flash (Barry Allen): scratch-made, run Flash (Wally West): scratch-made, Justice League Task Force SNES win pose
Green Arrow, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan and John Stewart), Flash (Jay Garrick, Barry Allen and Wally West)
the Atom (Ray Palmer): 2020 Black Canary: 2016, inspired by BC's '91 series cover #1 by Trevor Von Eden Black Lightning: 2018, 90's series, scratch-made Blue Beetle (Ted Kord): 2021 Bronze Tiger: 2021 Captain Marvel/Shazam: (scratch-made 2020, unique variation of Taito Superman's 'battle hover' pose)
the Atom, Black Canary, Black Lightning, Blue Beetle Captain Marvel/Shazam
Firestorm: 2020 Fire - Bea DeCosta: 2022 Hawkman: 2017, classic Hawkwoman: 2017, Silver Age Lois Lane: 2020 scratch-made, S:TAS Martian Manhunter: 2016, B.Timm JL lineup pose
Firestorm, Fire, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Lois Lane, Martian Manhunter
Peacemaker: 2024 Power Girl: 2020 Red Tornado: 2021 Steel: 2020 Vixen: scratch-made Zatanna: 2017
Peacemaker, Power Girl, Red Tornado, Steel, Vixen, Zatanna
Justice League: 2021 December 5th, quickly made placeholder, the Brave and the Bold #28
the Justice League

Green Lantern Corps
Green Lantern - Arisia Rrab: 2021, fly 1 Green Lantern - Guy Gardner: 2021, taunt, pose inspired by Green Lantern #196 cover by Howard Chaykin Green Lantern - Katma Tui: 2021, ring raised Green Lantern - Kilowog: 2021, fight stance
lanterns with separate galleries: Arisia, Guy Gardner, Katma Tui, Kilowog
Green Lantern - Kyle Rayner: uniform 1, hover Green Lantern - Medphyl: stand Eddore (sprited from scratch): 2003 animation Green Lantern - Tomar-Re/Tomar-Tu: stand
Kyle Rayner, Medphyll, Eddore, Tomar-Re/Tomar-Tu

Amanda Waller Apollo Big Barda Doctor Fate: 2020-updated 2022 Elongated Man: 2020, 80s outfit Icon: Impulse: Joan Williams: Flash Comics #1 cover Nubia: 2022, debut armor Orion: 2017 Plastic Man: 2016 the Question: 2018 Swamp Thing: 2020 Stargirl/Star Spangled Kid: 202?, updated 2022 Static: pose based on Denys Cowan artwork
Amanda Waller, Apollo, Big Barda, Elongated Man, Icon, Impulse, Joan Williams, Orion, Plastic Man, Swamp Thing, Stargirl/Star Spangled Kid, Static
Zan: 2022 Jayna: 2022
Super-Friends: Wonder Twins Jan & Zayna
Beast Boy: 2017, 200x outfit Cyborg: 2020, original Raven: 2020, original Starfire: 2020, original
Teen Titans: Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire

Robin (Tiny Titans): scratch-made, Tiny Titans #1 Kid Flash: scratch-made, Tiny Titans #1 cover run
Tiny Titans, based on Art Baltazar's art style

Batman: Detective Comics #27, original
Superman: scratch-made battle hover Superman player 2: scratch-made battle hover Unused character: 2020, alt angle of pose three from the ROM's unused tiles
Superman, Player 2, unused character found in ROM
low-level enemy: 2020 scratch-made sprite low-level enemy: 2020 scratch-made sprite low-level rabbit enemy: 2023 scratch-made sprite Emperor Zaas: 2014 scratch-made sprite
drones, Emperor Zaas
characters in this section have sub-galleries. Click on a character to see more of their sprites
Bizarro: scratch made Black Manta: 2016 Cheetah: scratch-made 2016 Darkseid: 2017, classic Deadshot: scratch-made 2020 Deathstroke the Terminator: scratch-made 2020 Harley Quinn: 2022 the Joker: scratch-made 2021, Infantino pin-up cane stand, angled Lex Luthor: 2018, 80s battle armor Poison Ivy: scratch made Reverse-Flash: scratch made the Riddler: 2015 scratch-made Scarecrow: scratch-made 2022 Sinestro: scratch-made 2020 Solomon Grundy: 2018 scratch-made sprite Star Sapphire: scratch-made 2020 the Trickster: scratch-made 2015 Two-Face: scratch-made 2022 Ultraman: 2016, scratch made, Bronze Age Zod: movie 1 style, scratch made
Other villains
Bane: classic Braniac: mid80s, scratch made Captain Boomerang: classic, scratch-made 2015 Captain Cold: scratch-made 2015 Catman: scratch-made 2015, Who's Who Art Adams pose Golden Glider: scratch-made 2015 Gorilla Grodd: scratch-made 2015 Granny Goodness: scratch-made 2015 Killer Croc: scratch-made 2021 Killer Croc: scratch-made 2021 Magpie: scratch made 2022 Mirror Master: scratch made 2015 Mr. Freeze: scratch made 2015 the Penguin: scratch made Toyman: 2018, Superfriends design

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