Batman (NES)
200x100 GFX Company: Sunsoft
Genre: Platformer
Released: USA: 1989
from the game intro:
- - It's a dark, deserted city governed by crime and violence. The whole town is now in preparation for the 200th anniversary of the Gotham City Festival.

Joker - - the city's evil leader. He has spread poisonous nerve gas all over town and has terrorized the population.

Vicki Vale - - a shrewd photo-journalist tracking the poison gas mystery is endangered many times but rescued each time by a mysterious black figure, who, in fact, is . . . . . .

Batman - - While fighting against Joker, recalls him as the murderer of his parents many years ago. Batman, with full force, will wage his last fight against the Joker to eliminate the worldly evil and avenge his parents death.
Instead of the more literal adaptation seen in their Batman game for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, Sunsoft's NES Batman games take place in an alternate reality that can't be found in the films or even comics. In this Elseworld, the Joker fired his snazzy-jacketed henchmen and replaced them with armored gunmen, robot drones, mutants and cyborgs. There are a lot of cameos of altered villains from the comic books instead of the major thugs of the movie. Killer Moth shows up as a boss in a suit of armor that makes him look a bit like Solo from Strider, the Electrocutioner appears as more of a cyborg and even Firebug gets an upgrade. Other characters like Deadshot, the Night-Slayer and Heatwave (a member of the Flash's Rogues Gallery) appear as drone type enemies with only a few having any true connection with their comic counterparts. The names may have been used just as geekadelic shout-outs to comic fans who'd appreciate the references. Due to the high quality of the game, there were very few complaints about that except for the lameness of the KGBeast which Giant Bomb appropriately calls out.
Player Characters:
Enemy Characters:
the Joker Killer Moth
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Title Screen
Wallclimb shortcut in 1-2
Vs. Killer Moth
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