Custom Sprites: Insanity
Games included: Pac-Man

Credits: Capcom, PrimeOp

Astroboy Bomberman Shin-Chan Gumby Huckleberry Hound Kirby: e Optimus Prime: e Pac-Man: e Pac-Man: e Smurf Yogi Bear: e
Inspired by many sprites I've seen where Cyclops doesn't fit as a base but people didn't seem to care.
Link: purposefully crappy bow pulling sprite Pit: purposefully crappy bow pulling sprite
Inspired by those who used my Hawkeye and Green Arrow edits as a base but didn't even bother to replace the bow that I made from scratch. It doesn't bother me that I didn't get credit as much as they're using them to recreate characters that have NO business being that damn bulky. Just find a game character with a similar body type, get a punching transition sprite similar to the pose here and copy the bow onto that.

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