Custom Sprites: Captain Commando
Games included: Captain Commando

Credits: Capcom, PrimeOp

Captain Commando: 2023, stand Captain Commando: 2023, stand Ninja Commando: 2018, stand
Captain Commando (2023), Ninja Commando (2018-)
Wooky: 2023, idle Eddy: 2023, idle Dick: 2023, idle Carol: 2023, idle Brenda: 2023, idle
Wooky, Eddy, Dick, Carol & Brenda (2023-)
Brenda: 2018, stand Carol: 2018, stand
Brenda & Carol (2018)
Wooky: traced from resized arcade sprite, stand Eddy: traced from resized arcade sprite, stand Brenda: stand Carol: stand
Wooky & Eddie (traced over resized arcade sprite), Brenda & Carol (Chun-Li SFA edit)

by PrimeOp

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