Custom Sprites: Kung-Fu Master
Games included: Kung-Fu Master, Vigilante

Credits: PrimeOp

Thomas: 2016 scratch-made, arcade fight stance
Gripper: 2017, stand - scratch-made Gripper: 2017, stand - scratch-made Tomtom: 2017, stand - scratch-made
Gripper, Tom Tom
Stick: 2021 scratch-made Boomerang: 2021 scratch-made Boomerang: 2021 scratch-made, earlier grip Giant/Strongman: 2021 scratch-made Black Magician: 2021 scratch-made Mr. X: 2021 scratch-made
Bosses (Sons of the Devil): Stick, Giant/Strongman, and Mr. X
Giant/Strongman: 2016 scratch-made Mr. X: 2012 scratch-made
older Bosses sprites Giant/Strongman and Mr. X
Thomas: stand - CvS Thomas: Kick sprite for the 1st Brawlstreet scene banner
old sprite edits

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