Rolento (Final Fight) - 2004?
Whole Figure: G.I.JOE HoF/Action Man figure?
Headwear: Beret sculpted from Fimo
Bodywear: Hand-sewn uniform

(by Stefani Rolento)
Stefani's a big Rolento fan, so it was natural for her to make a Rolento figure, right? Right! This is the second version of her Rolento figure that uses a more poseable figure. She did an incredible job with this one by hand-sewing the uniform herself. After her first Rolento figure (around 2001), she asked if I knew where she could get a good beret and I suggested Cotswold Collectables. I forgot to ask her if that's where the new beret came from, but it looks good wherever it's from. Great job, Stefani!

Update (Oct. 2011): Stefani emailed me to let me know that she made the beret herself with Fimo clay. That was some great sclupting! She also sent some new photos of the figure to add to the page. Thanks again, Stefani!

Maki, Jessica, Rolento, Final Fight, Street Fighter, Street Fighter Alpha and all related characters © Capcom. All G.I.JOE and Cobra characters © Hasbro. Used without permission, but much respect.

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