Rolento (Final Fight/Street Fighter) - 2003
Head: Dusty (JvC v.3)
Torso: (heavily modified) Wild Bill (JvC v.1)
Upper Arms: Ripper (JvC v.1)
Lower Arms: Duke (JvC v.2)
Torso: (heavily modified) Wild Bill (JvC v.1)
Legs: Cobra C.L.A.W.S. Commander (JvC v.1)
Headwear: Beret - non-removeable Super Sculpy
Weapon 1: balsa stick colored with marker and electrical tape

I'm a big fan of 80's and 90's action video games, especially Capcom's side-scrollers and fighting games. With Rolento being in both Final Fight and the Street Fighter Alpha games, I just had to make this custom. I knew he'd be easy to make with the legs and boots, but the chest gave me trouble. This was one of the first customs that I used my psuedo-Dremel tool on by smoothing out most of the old chest front and scultping on the harness. Still needs a few things here and there, but is pretty much finished.

Rolento from Street Fighter Alpha 2VERY early construction picA closer look

Rolento, Mad Gear, Final Fight, Street Fighter Alpha and all related characters © Capcom

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