Jo Musashi (Shinobi) - 2005
Head: Slash (VvV v.1)
Torso: Slash (VvV v.1 - modified)
Upper Arms: Storm Shadow gray repaint (JvC)
Lower Arms: Nunchuk (JvC v.1)
Torso: Slash (VvV v.1 - modified)
Legs: Firefly (JvC v.1)
Headwear: Hood: Dusty (JvC green)
Backpack: Snake-Eyes (JvC v.3 O-ring)
Weapon 1: Snake-Eyes (JvC v.3 O-ring)

Out of my personal list of favorite game characters, Jo Musashi and Radd Spencer (from Bionic Commando) were the two that I wanted to make custom figures of back when the games were first released. This custom took quite a few years to make as I waited for suitable pieces for the chest and waist. I'm not 100$ satisfied with this due to how the waistpiece limits the movements of the legs. Other than that, I'm glad to finally have this one mostly done. He may not look exactly as he did in 'the Revenge of Shinobi' or 'Shinobi 3' but he looks close enough to know who he is. I used cold gray instead of the dirtier gray his uniform is in the game just because I like it better. There's still some paint touch-up work to be done here and there and I'd love to figure out a way to make him some kunai daggers.

The original base parts that I was going to try. I later tried to sculpt his top and mask with Super Sculpy, but it didn't come out right.before the paintingDedicated to all ninja-hating G.I.JOE fans.The mysterious promo pic used before debuting the new version of ToyBoss

Jo Musashi, Shinobi and all related characters © 2005 Sega

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