Radd Spencer (Bionic Commando) - 2003
Head: Dusty (JvC v.3) (mod)
Lower Body: Dusty (JvC v.3)
Torso: Dusty (JvC v.3)
Arms: Torpedo (JvC v.1)
Torso: Dusty (JvC v.3)
Eyewear: Temp. Goggles - Epoxy Putty
Bodywear: Bandolier - Dusty (JvC v.3) (mod)
Backpack: No backpack yet
Weapon 1: Rifle - Dusty (JvC v.3)

One of the top two video game characters that I've always wanted to make in G.I.JOE figure form. For those who don't know, Radd is from the NES version of Capcom's Bionic Commando where he wore green fatigues. Plus, the gameplay was much better in the NES version. Not finished until I find or make glasses that will stay on head and a hanging version of the grapple arm.

sculpted hair before paintingpainted hair/body not paintedonly needs glasses and bionic attachment

Radd Spencer, Bionic Commando and all related characters © Capcom

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