Streets of Rage 2 (Genesis)

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Extra Options
At the mode select screen, highlight OPTIONS. Hold down A & B on pad 2 and press START on pad 1. Then, you'll be able to do new wonderful things. For instance, now you can start with up to 9 lives and select the stage you start on. Also, you get 2 new difficulty settings: VERY EASY and MANIA. VERY EASY is exactly how it sounds, but MANIA is just plain sick. Imagine there being even more enemies onscreen at a time than usual and sometimes, you get double teamed by two bosses, all of which is moving at an even higher speed than normal. It's like Streets of Rage II on sugar-laced crack. My tip would be to pick Axel and go all out with the "Grand Upper" special (tap Forward,Foward+B). It takes out whole squads of thugs in one swoop and it doesn't sap your health meter.

Two Players, Same Character
At the title screen, hold RIGHT and B on the first controller. While holding those buttons, hold LEFT and the A button. While holding all of those, press the C button on the second controller. If you do this, both players will be able to pick the same character.

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