Sonic Blast Man (SNES)

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Very Hard Difficulty
While on the title screen where it says "Press Start Button, hold the L and R buttons while pressing start and you should hear a woman yell as you go to the next menu. Go into the OPTION MODE and you'll notice that the difficulty is now VERYHARD.

Stage Trials and Boss Rush Mode
Sites keep referring to this as a Stage Select but it's really just a Stage Trial where you get 3 lives no matter what you set the options to, can't continue after losing all of your lives and completion of a stage gives you a congratulatory message to try the main mode. Go to the screen and choose the music of the stage you'd like to play. Hold SELECT then press L, R, R, L, START and you'll go to the stage that you selected. Choose HIT or HSEL to play in the bonus stages. If you choose the BOSS music BGM, you'll fight through the bosses of each stage.

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