Brawl Brothers (Super Nintendo)

Angry Mode - Ikari Mode
This isn't a tip as much as something that anyone who plays this game should know. When Jaleco USA brought the game to the States, they messed with the default options of the game to make it more difficult. For some reason, they turned off the biggest defining feature of the Rushing Beat series: Angry Mode (Ikari Mode in Japan). When the bad guys start getting a lot of cheap hits on you (and they will), Angry Mode might kick in and save your butt. Angry mode causes you to glow red, become impossible to harm, increases your fighting power and even modifies some of your moves. It's not a cheat or wimping out because it was a default option in the Japanese version

Japanese Version (almost)
When either first turning on the game or resetting it, quickly tap B,A,X,Y over and over as the Jaleco logo in the beginning appears and keep tapping until it disappears. You only have to do it once, but repeating it makes sure that you got it in. If done right, the screen should be dots and spaces. Hit start and the screen should shift a bit. Then, hit down three times and press START to enter the options. Angry mode should now be called "Ikari Mode." Set things up the way you like and then exit. Now you should see the Japanese title screen that says Rushing Beat Ashura (the real name for Brawl Brothers). Play it and notice the subtle differences in the two versions. Those who hate the sewer section may like this version better.
Example: After getting the Japanese screen, let it sit there for awhile and you'll see a demo that Jaleco didn't bother to use that includes the heroes' real names. BEWARE: if you let the demo run it's full course, it'll go back to regular Brawl Brothers mode and you'll have to do all that tappin' again.

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