Samus Aran (by Joyride Toys)
Sculpt: 9
- actual points: 12
- pose rating : 7
Paint job: 8
Accuracy: 8
Extras: 8
Overall: 8

This is going to sound a bit harsh, but it's true: I wasn't expecting much from this figure and that's basically what I got. Looking at the scores, you'll see that I have no problem with the sculpt. It seems to be modeled after Samus' upgraded armor from Super Metroid and the sculptor did a pretty good job of it. My true complaint is the lack of poseablity at the shoulder and hip joints. The shoulderpads prevents the figure from having the arms pose straight out... and for an action figure, that's a no-no. Even the old Star Wars figures could move their arms up and down all the way. Setting the shoulderpads out a bit farther from the head or adding hinges to them so the arms could actually move would've helped. Also, this figure has the much-hated V-crotch joints. Due to this, her legs can't go up and down, but they move up and out. In other words, she can't even sit down. The elbows and knees move well, but it doesn't matter much of the main limb joints are this bad.. The hand twists at the wrist and the ankles move down and not up. One of the good things about this figure is the fact that it comes with an extra head: Samus without her helmet. Oddly enough, the head is actually much taller than the helmet. Still, the head's not that bad.

To sum it up... while we've all been waiting for a Samus figure... we weren't waiting for THIS Samus figure. While it's extremely unposeable, it's a rather good likeness of Samus. However... if you just want a plastic statue of Samus to stand there and look like Samus, this'll look perfect next to your game system. In fact, if you're one of those people who love to chop up existing figures and make them more poseable, this one would be a nice one to fix up.

Samus, Metroid and all related characters © Nintendo. Used without permission, but much respect.

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