ScrollBoss SelectPlayer prints

Basic SelectPlayer print prices
8 1/2 x 11 / 8 x 10$9 (unless noted)
17 x 11, 14 x 11$14
additional custom options
each additional character$0.50
U.S. Shipping and Handling
up to twelve prints$6
more than thate-mail for estimate

Each SelectPlayer is printed to order and shipped via Any sprite made by PrimeOp completely from scratch (no sprite edits made from preexisting sprites) is available for a character swap. Browse the Custom Sprite Galleries to find the characters and poses you want for a swap. If you don't see the character you're looking for there and still want a print, e-mail me anyway, because I have sprites I haven't shown yet or I can just sprite the character for the pic.

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Additional Street Fighters available for SFII winners' podium: Chun-Li, Ken, M.Bison/dictator, Sagat

Additional Marvel characters available: Wolverine, Rogue, Psylocke

Remember, if you don't see the character you want, ask about them in the e-mail!