Final Fight 2
Release year - USA:1993
Company: Capcom
System: SNES
Genre: Platformer, Beat 'em up
Players: 1-2

Review by: PrimeOp

With so many elements of the arcade Final Fight missing from it's SNES version due to either inexperience with the console (very new at the time) or censorship (deleted women and name changes), many fans were just outright diappointed. Capcom knew that they had to out-do the first SNES game or the franchise would die. Luckily, they didn't disappoint with the sequel.

Metro City's most persistent gang, the Mad Gears, have returned under new management. Enter it's new Japanese master: Retu. While the original gang was local to Metro, this version is and stationed around the world with members from many nations. In retaliation for his meddling in the Jessica Haggar kidnapping scheme, the gang kidnaps Guy's girlfriend Rena and her grandfather Genryosai (Guy's sensei in this game before the Street Fighter Alpha retcon) while Guy is off elsewhere training (later revealed to be Street Fighter Alpha 2 and 3). Rena's Bushin ninja sister Maki find the crime scene and informs Mike Haggar of what happened. Haggar's always willing to repay a debt (especially if it involved beating the bejeebus out of criminals), so he vows to help out. Cody is off on a vacation with Jessica (before SFA3 retcons), Haggar turns to a fighter named Carlos who... uh... just happens to be there because Capcom wanted three characters to choose from. Be happy you got three characters this time! The trio follows a worldwide trail of clues leading to the lairs of the new Mad Gears and proceed to place feet in every criminal buttcrack they run across while doing so.
Guy couldn't make it in to work today, so his girlfriend's sister Maki clocks in as the designated ninja. She's even got that Bushin off-the-wall jump!

Haggar and Andore: the rematch! No table will remain unbroken! No oil drum will be left unsmashed! It's Slacks vs. Overalls in the brawl for it all!! This time IT'S PERSONAL! Well, not as personal as when Andore helped kidnap Haggar's daughter got kidnapped, BUT STILL!!!!
Other than its welcomed 2 player capability and scenes that scroll up instead of down, it seems to play just like a better version of the SNES Final Fight port. The graphics hold the same visual style of the first game to the point where Haggar looks like a sprite edit of his original FF1 set. Very few of the drones are memorable except for the returning Andores (styling in overalls for some reason), Elick (the portly-but-swift electricians), and the females who, sadly, were edited out of the U.S. version. Most of the bosses represent the different country that the level takes place in, but a few come off as a bit too strange. Mostly, that'd be Bratken, a guy who looks like a puffed-up Frankenstein's Monster, and Phillippe, a ringmaster/clown (because being one just wasn't goofy enough). Bratken isn't that bad, really, but Phillippe looks a bit unworthy to be a Mad Gear Boss. Ah, but there's a surprise boss from the original Final Fight waiting for you. Let's just say Capcom added him as an apology for his stage being left out of the SNES Final Fight game. Apology accepted, because he just kicks butt here. Also, look out for two background cameos made by SF2 characters for no other reason that the fun of it. The sound and the music fit the Final Fight mood, too. All in all, typically good Capcom solid hits and voices.

Some may consider this game to be a bit cookie cutter in execution, but I think Capcom just wanted a solid 2-player beat-em-up with the words 'Final Fight' in the title. They succeeded 100% with that. It's a bit dated to play now after all the innovations that other series added, but it's still a nice purchase if you love Final Fight or the genre. Plus, you can play as a ninja girl. Can't go wrong with a ninja girl, my friends.

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