Final Fight CD (1993) by Capcom
Game Type: Beat-em-up
Players: 1 - 2

Review by PrimeOp

In the same year that SNES owners got Final Fight 2, Sega CD owners were treated to the best home version of Final Fight available until the Capcom Classic Collection release. But there are still some noteworthy extras that keep this game from being obsolete.

A criminal organization known as Mad Gear controlled Metro City for years through the muscle of it's thugs and the manuevers of it's bribed politicians and officials. That was until ex-wrestler Mike Haggar became the mayor and waged a war against city corruption. In a plan to stop Haggar's crusade, Mad Gear kidnaps his daughter Jessica. Instead of submitting to the gang, he gets his friends Cody and Guy to team with him on a 3-man rescue attempt. Granted, you probably knew all of that. But what few people expected was that the best versions of Capcom's Final Fight would be programmed by Sega. This Sega CD port has nearly everything missing from the SNES versions are here: All 3 heroes are playable, the Industrial Area and it's boss Rolento are ready to scroll, plus Poison and Roxy have not been replaced by two shaggy-haired lames. Of course, the usual names (Damnd and Thrasher) have been changed to protect the innocent and the bad girls were forced to trade their Daisy Dukian ensemble for a more modest wardrobe, but those are minor gripes. The main point is that the gameplay is fully intact right down to the 'backwards jump' ability.
That's right: two players, baby. Sega CD does what SuperNintendidn't!
Now let's get into the extras. The first thing you'll notice is the enhanced intro storyboard that includes some new graphics and enhancements of the old arcade parts. A special version of the ending is waiting for you if you beat the game, too. You'll also be treated to nice remixes of all the Final Fight tunes. You'll also have to put up with some spots of bad voice acting. Just try to ignore all that. As a nice bonus, there's a new mode called 'Time Attack' where you try to beat down as many Mad Gear members as possible before the clock runs down or you run out of lives. Each character has their own new background to brawl in. One thing that some will complain about is the dithering. The Genesis just doesn't have the palette to do Final Fight justice without dithering effect to make up for the loss of colors. Since this game was made before emulators and TV screens sharp enough to count grains of sand, this wasn't much of an issue back in the day. That, the small bits of editing done to keep rabid U.S. Senators off their backs and the slight sprite flickering are the only flaws in a great overall package. Not as extensive as the overhaul Sega gave Capcom's 'Mercs' but still more than even Capcom did until Final Fight One for the GBA.
Here's the fun 'Time Attack' mode where you have to fight off waves of Mad Gear cronies. You fight against them as well as the clock to see how many you can defeat. A very cool extra mode that should've been in later Final Fights!

This was quite easily the best version of Final Fight until the recent arcade port in Capcom Classics Collection. There was no other way to get all the levels, Poison and Roxy, all 3 heroes in the U.S. than this game. The graphic dithering worked well on old TVs but I have no idea how it looks on newer model televisions. If you have a Sega CD and not a PS2 or X-Box for the CCC compilation, try to track this game down. Gameplay 8
Graphics 7
Sound 8
Control 8
Overall 8

Final Fight, Guy, Cody, Haggar, Poison, Roxy, Rolento, Mad Gear, and all other related characters © Capcom

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