X-Men (Arcade)
200x100 GFX Company: Konami
Genre: Beat-em-up
Released: USA: 1992 JPN: 1992
The character designs are based on the "Pryde of the X-Men" cartoon pilot by Marvel Entertainment but Marvel characters and concepts that don't appear in the cartoon are in the game. It would be interesting to find out if Konami was given visual reference files of an early version of what would've been the series in the same way that they got early info about the Simpons that lead to some oddities in that game.

Many of the comic panels that appear during the end credits were clips from John Byrne's run as the artist for Uncanny X-Men. Only Dazzler, who wears an outfit different from the one that Byrne drew in her 1980 debut, has panels from a different artist.
Player Characters:
Cyclops Colossus Dazzler Nightcrawler Storm Wolverine
Enemy Characters:
the Blob Juggernaut Magneto Mandroid Master Mold Mystique Pyro Sentinel Wendigo the White Queen
Other Characters:
Professor Charles Xavier Kitty Pryde
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