The Revenge of Shinobi (genesis)
200x100 GFX Company: Sega
Genre: Platformer
Released: USA: 1989 JPN: 1989
Release date (JPN and USA): 1989/12/2 (source: Mega Drive Mini site link
From the game intro
In the year 19XX, the evil crime syndicate "Zeed" was reduced to rubble by the power of stealth possessed by the Shinobi master, Joe Musashi.
It seemed as if the world had returned to peace...

But three years later

The world was once again swallowed in darkness. "Zeed" had returned. With an incredible increase in power, much greater than before, "Neo Zeed" became the strongest crime organization ever to exist.

After establishing their mighty crime empire, "Neo Zeed" turned their efforts towards destroying the threat posed by these who possessed the powers of stealth.

All of the followers of the power of stealth were attacked and their chief was killed. The chief, with his dying breath, told Musashi that Naoko, his bride-to-be had been taken hostage by the "Neo Zeed". So to get revenge for his comrades and bring back Naoko, Musashi set out for the heart of "Neo Zeed".
Zeed was the organization that Musashi fought in the original Shinobi video game. Some of the Neo Zeed ninja like Omote (the basic ninja) and the Karasu (the winged ninja) are dressed similarly like the Masked Ninja/Nakahara who led Zeed in the original Shinobi game.

Many of the enemies are tributes to other fictional characters. Some of them were altered in later revisions to avoid any legal trouble. The original version of the flamethrower enemies looked very similar to Rambo and the revised version got a shave and a haircut(two bits) and became a baldie. The brontosaur boss was really a bootleg Godzilla whose later graphical revision was an even deeper shave right down to the bone when he became a Godzilla skeleton with organs intact. Another boss is a bodybuilder with brown hair and black sunglasses who throws car engines at you and is revealed to be a Terminator-like robot. The most famous case is Spider-Man, who later gets an official Marvel credit in the game itself. Ironically, the only licensed character acts just a bit out of character by curling into the fetal position and transforming into either an evil Bat-Man who flies with giant bat wings or into a Werebat who looks like Man-Bat if you got one of the later revised versions of the game. Sega has made offiical games three of the five tributes listed: Rambo, Spider-Man and Godzilla.

This is the first game where Joe Musashi wore his main signature look. The start screen image is based on a Sonny Chiba from the Japanese series Kage no gundan (Shadow Warriors) where he played Hanzo Hattori of the Iga ninja. The original Shinobi refers to all the good ninja as Iga so that picture may have been a reference to that as well. This is also the first time he was mentioned by name in the game. He also trades the 6 point shuriken from Shinobi for kunai.
Player Characters:
Joe Musashi
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Title Screen Round 3-3
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