Quartet (arcade)
200x100 GFX Company: Sega
Released: USA: 1986
From the game's US flyer
SPACE COLONY "06" has been attacked by space pirates. To put an end to their plundering, a private rescue team calling themselves the "QUARTET" is recruited and has arrived to carry out its mission.
The group is comprised of Lee, Joe, Mary and Edgar who are all highly professional marksmen. The four can perform to their full potential only if they fully cooperate with one another. In each of the various stages of COLONY "6", the foe's leader comes forth to confront you in battle. Defeat him and capture the key.
Each member of the Quartet has their own set of attributes, including movement speed, jump strength, shot strength and shot path. Each character is locked to one of the four sets of color-coded controls on the machine.

According to the Japanese flyer, the game takes place in 2086, 100 years after the game was actually made.

Sources: Arcade Flyer Archive
Player Characters:
Edgar Joe Lee Mary
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Other Versions of the Game:
Quartet (Sega Master System)
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