Ikari III: the Rescue (arcade)
200x100 GFX Company: SNK
Genre: Beat 'em up
Released: USA: 1989
from the arcade intro
The presidential candidate's child has been kidnapped by an enemy terrorist party.

Top officials have asked the 2 best soldiers to secretly take action on this matter.

These Two Men Were Born To Fight!

Here They Come!

"Hah! They have been tricked by our false information!"

"Let's start our rescue!"
In a missed opportunity of art imitating art accidentally imitating art that imitated the original art, one of the abandoned plot ideas for Rambo V was to have Rambo rescue the president's kidnapped daughter which is the mission in the NES version of this game. Even that single Rambo-ed film would have been closer to an Ikari III film than if Hollywood ever tried to make one on purpose.

Fun fact: While the helicopter in the beginning of the game looks a lot like the same UH-1N helicopter seen in Rambo: First Blood part II, the helicopter in this game has four blades like the Bell 412, an offshoot of the UH-1N/Bell 212.
Player Characters:
Clark Still Ralf Jones
Screenshots (click to see full-sized):
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