Hachoo (Arcade)
200x100 GFX Company: Jaleco
Genre: Beat-em-up
Released: JPN: 1989
From the game's intro
(digitized voice)
Seriously, that's all you get out of it unless you can read Japanese. Here's my attempt at a synopsis based on in-game info
In ancient China, a wizard named Tyouraidoushi is trying to resurrect some ancient evil and two martial artists must fight their way through his monster-filled army to stop that from happening.
Not only does this seem to be one of the first games to feature the "throw an enemy towards the screen" move but it's one of the very few to have a unique animation for each frame that the enemy gets closer to the screen. Most of them hit the screen with the comedic nastiness of a Bill Wray close-up painting from Ren & Stimpy. The fanged bad girls of the game lose most of their silk clothing once they're thrown, a naughty K.O. that predates Art of Fighting's King by three years. It's an equal opportunity deal as you also see a bit more of the wizardly final boss than you ever wanted to witness.

There is writing around the statue that houses the final boss of the game. I barely know the language but I have a Compact Nelson Japanese-English dictionary and the ability to squint at pixels so I took a shot at some of it. The writing above the statue reads: 王 魔 妖. The dictionary says the first two read as "the devil" ("King" + "Evil Spirit/Demon") and the last two read as "ghost" or "apparition" (Evil Spirit + Calamity?) but I couldn't find it all in one shot. The King of Evil Ghosts? I don't know but I'm leaving this here in case someone can answer it. Besides, it makes this site one of the few English-speaking game sites to attempt any research on this game. Hey, at least I tried.

Player Two seems to have blond hair in a cinema picture but has black hair in the actual game. Well, either that or the teacher/head abbot/whoever told that kid to sit down because it'd be ridiculous to have two palette-swapped blond heroes in a beat-em-up.
Player Characters:
Player 1 Player 2
Enemy Characters:
Gyokakko Hala Jin Kimemma Kyonsie Masai-Kunian Paomancho Pou-Ren Tyouraidoushi
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