Golden Axe (Arcade)
200x100 GFX Company: Sega
Genre: Hack-and-Slash
Released: USA: 1989 JPN: 1989
Port of: Golden Axe (arcade)
From the game's intro
(Player): Alex, what has happened?...
Alex: His majesty and the princess have been taken by Death Adder!
Alex: Revenge them for me, my friend...
(Player): Alex...

Player Characters:
Ax Battler Tyris Flare Gilius Thunderhead
Enemy Characters:
Death Adder
Other Characters:
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Start Screen
Character Select Screen.
Ax Battler bio
Tyris Flare bio
Gilius Thunderhead bio
Death Adder bio
Other Versions of the Game:
Golden Axe (arcade), Golden Axe (SMS)
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MK Armageddon KAF - Tyris Flare (from part 1)
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