E-Swat (Arcade)
200x100 GFX Company: Sega
Genre: Shooter, Run and Gun
Released: USA: 1989
According to the diagram in the game's attract mode, the battle armor used by the officers (and possibly one enemy) is called Individual Combat Equipment (or I.C.E.). The there's a datestamp of "Oct 11 .89" on the graphic.

This game has a few unofficial cameos. Dirty Duffy, the fourth boss, has a file portrait that looks a bit like Chevy Chase. The most memorable reference happens when a drug lord named Rats Lee orders a giant gorilla to attack you by throwing barrels.
Player Characters:
Enemy Characters:
Dirty Duffy (E-SWAT) Rats Lee (E-SWAT) File 96 (E-SWAT) File 00 (E-SWAT)
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