Double Dragon II - the Revenge (nes)
200x100 GFX Company: Technos
Genre: Beat 'em up
Released: USA: 1989
From the intro
In 19XX....
Violence ruled the streets of New York City after the nuclear war. Even with the crime syndicates growing bigger every year, two young men were brave enough to challenge them. While their names were Billy and Jimmy Lee...

... people called them the Double Dragons!

And yet, the Dragons had one terrible enemy. To fight against him was the destiny and fate of the Double Dragons.

One day, Shadow Warriors attacked the city and Billy's girlfriend, Marian, was killed.

the Double Dragons swore to avenge her death!
Unlike their port of Double Dragon for the NES, Technos was able to retain the two simultaneous player mode from the arcade version. Instead of a straight port, this game strays from the arcade version even more than the original Double Dragon NES game did with much more platform jumping and obstacles to dodge. Some characters like Boss Willy don't appear but others like the Ninja bosses and Right Arm appear. There is also a new last boss who can only be reached if you're playing the Supreme Master mode. The game itself makes a big deal about his mysterious nature with a line in the Warrior difficulty that says, "The Master Level has an enemy so evil, no one has ever seen him and survived."

The Lee Brothers keep their old NES color schemes with Billy wearing blue clothing and Jimmy wearing red. Their in-game sprites both have red hair with highlights using the same color as their skin, probably due to console limitations. Billy has brown hair in cutscenes while Jimmy doesn't appear in the cutscenes possibly due to lingering guilt from being a complete jerk in the first NES Double Dragon game. Seriously, it was probably easier and saved space to just have one set of cutscenes in the NES cart that would make sense in both the one and two player games.

The game also gets more of an actual ending unlike the arcade version which just has that photo of Billy, Jimmy and Marian after the last fight. The true ending can only be seen by beating the game on Supreme Warrior difficulty where you'll fight the new boss. People who like the arcade ending and bittersweet endings will be furious while normal, decent humans will probably enjoy one of the better endings you'll find on the NES.

The character names come from the Double Dragon Dojo's page about DD2. They compiled info from the Japanese manuals because they're awesome like that.
Player Characters:
Billy Lee Jimmy Lee
Enemy Characters:
Abore Bolo Burnov Linda Ninja Roper Williams Doppelganger Mysterious Warrior
Other Characters:
Screenshots (click to see full-sized):
Title Screen
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