Crime City (arcade)
200x100 GFX Company: Taito
Genre: Shooter, Run and gun
Released: USA: 1989
from the arcade intro
Tony Gibson

Raymond Broady


Crime City

Crush out the Crime !
We're the supreme law !!
Like a true pair of lethal weapons, police detectives Tony Gibson and Raymond Broady are awaken in the middle of the night to stop a prison break that turns out to be the tip of the crime spree iceberg. Before the end, they'll have to bring down the rich and power kingpin of Crime City before his plans of a city-wide takeover go into effect.

This game is a platform shoot-out with the flavor of an action-packed buddy cop movie from the 1980's. Though the game is a side-scroller, the style seemlessly shifts to psuedo-3-D shooting scenes where the heroes turn their backs on the camera to fire at enemies who are on different depth planes of the background. Your ammo is limited and can be resupplied by picking up the weapons of fallen criminals. The cops can also pick up assault rifles dropped by a few of the more well-armed thugs. You even have a combat roll move that lets you move forward while keeping cover from enemy fire and also hurts enemies. The focus is placed on picking your shots carefully and less on manic bullet hell action. Many cop movie tropes from this era get their due, like the little white packets of evidence used as bonus points, shoot outs in parking garages where the bad guys try to run you over with cars and motorcycles and gunmen using hostages as human shields. The game even begins with the scruffy Tony Gibson splashing water in his face to fully wake himself up after the police station calls to let him know that his vacation has been cut short. The only thing missing is the Angry Police Captain.

This game is a spin-off of Taito's "Chase H.Q.," a driving-combat arcade hit. Tony Gibson and Raymond Broady, the stars of that game, step out of the Porsche 928 (identified by some manuals for Chase H.Q.) to get up close and personal with the criminal element. While Chase H.Q. had the heroes emulating Crockett and Tubbs from Miami Vice, Crime City has Tony Gibson ditching the sans-socks suit style for an ensemble from Martin Riggs Collection (unwashed jacket, t-shirt and jeans) with a matching mullet. Meanwhile, Raymond Broady is gettin' too dapper for this s***, but fights crime anyway. I wonder if Nancy is the one who had to call Gibson and Broady in the game's intro.

Anyone who wants to learn more about the game should check out Lord BBH's page about Crime City. It's the main reason why Broady's line from the game's beginning is stuck in my head.
Player Characters:
Tony Gibson Raymond Broady
Enemy Characters:
Other Characters:
Catty Skylark Emily mike
Screenshots (click to see full-sized):
Start screen Two player simultaneous Round 2
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