Avenging Spirit (arcade)
200x100 GFX Company: Jaleco
Genre: Platformer
Released: USA: 1991
From the game's flyer
AVENGING SPIRIT is about a young man who was ruthlessly Slain by an underworld gang. Now his spirit, crying out for vengeance, has returned to punish those responsible and to rescue his lovely girlfriend, Miss Darling, who is being held prisoner somewhere in the vast city by a gang of cunning runts. By invading the bodies of the various gang members, our hero assumes their looks and weaponry.
Note: Gennifer and enemy names other than Gunner, Hopper, Slugger and Dragon come from the U.S. manual for the GameBoy port.
Player Characters:
Avenging Spirit
Enemy Characters:
Amazon, Bomber, Commando, Dragon (Dragon Man, Gunner (Gangster), Guru, Hopper, Magician, Ninja Warrior, Slugger, Snow Woman
Other Characters:
Miss Gennifer Darling, Professor Darling
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Title Screen
This is possibly the happiest spirit of undead vengeance I've ever seen.
Posessing Dragon/Dragon Man
Other Versions of the Game:
Avenging Spirit
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