Haggar and Black Canary in FF3 (Final Fight 3) - 2002
The less that you think about it, the less that your head hurts.
There used to be a Minus World feature where I talked about why I stopped doing character profiles due to the endless, random backstory retcons. For a while, people believed that Guy's SFA3 ending and Maki's search for Guy in Capcom vs. SNK 2 hinted that Guy may have been dead. Totally possible if Final Fight 3 never happened since it takes place after the SFA series. So I compared it to how DC changed it's timeline after 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' so that Wonder Woman didn't appear until after the Justice League started. Would've been okay if they had rebooted all of DC history... which they didn't. It was later stated that every old JLA story with Wonder Woman has Black Canary instead. In other words, both retcons are as confusing as this screenshot.
Fake Screenshot by PrimeOp
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