Do the Right Thing (Spike Lee joints) - 2014
1989! A number... another summer! GIT DOWN! Sound of the funky drummer!
I planned to make a lot of fake screenshots of 1989 movies during this site's 2014 celebration of 1989. Things didn't go as planned (as usual), but this is the movie I'd pay tribute to if I could only make one screenshot: Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing. It's just a great movie with character work that doesn't get the credit it deserves, but it remains just as relevant as it did during its debut (unless you haven't been paying attention to real life for the past few years). Since I figured that the title screen would play a version of Public Enemy's "Fight the Power" like the movie's beginning, I tried to make a scene from that same intro. Unfortunately, my NES-style spriting skills aren't strong enough to recreate the power of Rosie Perez, but I might try again once my skills improve.
Fake Screenshot by PrimeOp
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