Company: Capcom
Aliases: Thrasher
Allies/Friends: Sodom, Edi.E, Rolento, Abigail, Belger, Axl, Bill Bull, Bred, Dug, El Gado, G. Oriber, Hollywood, Hollywood (Fire), J, Jake, Poison, Roxy, Simons, Slash, Two.P, Wong Who
Enemies/Rivals: Guy, Cody Travers, Mike Haggar, Maki Genryusai, Carlos Miyamoto
Affiliation/Group: Mad Gear Gang
Height: 7'2
Weight: 539 lbs.
Likes: BBQ Ribs
Appears in:
Final Fight (Arcade), Final Fight CD (Sega CD), ffightcd_segacd, Final Fight 2 (SNES), Final Fight One (GBA), Final Fight Revenge (arcade), Street Fighter Alpha (Arcade) - Cameo, Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Arcade) - Cameo, Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Arcade)
Sprites (Official)
Damnd: stand Damnd: stand Damnd: stand Damnd: stand
Fan-made and Fan-edited Custom Graphics
Damnd: stand (edited by PrimeOp)
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The Beginning  Thrasher introduces himself
Fan art gallery (currently on Illmosis.net)
Illmosis.net character gallery
Beat-em-up, Boss
"Huh! Did you come alone? What a fool you are!" - Final Fight One (GBA)
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