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The Minus World Rusty steel drums

I live in B.F.E., Ohio. It's not a fancy, upscale place, but it's not a total "Hicktown" either. We just don't have any really tall buildings. I've been to bigger cities, though... Charlotte, NC, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Atlanta, etc. Not New York, though. I just need to know this:

Are the streets of bigger cities full of steel drums?!?!?

I've seen one or two around, usually construction sites. But not, say, in front of banks, pastry shops and city hall? If you've played games like Final Fight, Streets of Rage, and all those sidescroll-beat-em-up games, you know what I'm talking about already. Is it just me, or are there oil drums everywhere?!? EVEN IN THE MANSIONS!! Do rich people really keep a large supply of steel drums in their cribs? Perhaps it's some new wave "Crackhouse Deco" movement amongst the upper crust that our pedestrian minds just cannot appreciate. Well, some rich people do go a bit nutty sometimes. Gold-plated diapers, dressing up in bat costumes, wait, where was I going with this? Right: Rusty metal drums. Unsafe!

Are there lobbyists in video games? You know, those people who pay off politicians in order to get said politician to vote their way on proposed laws. In the real world, there'd be environmental lobbyists asking "why the heck are there rusty oil drums in the playground where my children play?!? Why are there nasty, leaking oil drums in the old folks home where I put my grandpa to rot?!?" In fact, I'm pretty sure there'd be senate hearings on why people are leaving out the oil cans that explode when you hit them. That's just got to violate some kind of safety code, right? Eh. What do I know? I'm from Ohio.

Below are screenshots from different games featuring oil drums. Whether or not they fit the setting is in the eye of the beholder. Much thanks to Danny who suggested the idea of adding screenshots while donating some to the feature!
contributed by Danny Leonardo ponders how this oil drum contradicts all safety code violations. (contributed by Danny)
Oil Drums: the cornerstone of Japanese decor. contributed by Danny TMNT the Hyperstone Heist
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