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ScrollBoss Minus World: Electric Slide Electric Slide (or Slippidy Doo Dah)

Dr. Thomas Light is probably the most brilliant inventor in all of video game history. From his fertile mind came such inventions as Mega Man, Roll, Rush, Proto Man and countless other good robot-type people, places and things. Whenever his surrogate son, Mega Man, engages Dr. Wily in battle, Light always invents new weapons in the war against evil. He also gives Rush, Mega's go-go dog-person, new configurations to help the Blue Bomber get to otherwise unreachable areas. Yet there is one simple thing that the good doctor forgets to equip him with... ICE BOOTS! AAARRGH! You'd think by at least Mega Man 3, Light woulda noticed that Wily always has some sort of "slide all over the frickin' floor until you fall into a bottomless pit or spikes" level in every game! In other words Dr. Light managed to create a level of artificial intelligence that can mimic human beings but can't figure out how to put treads on shoes, a technology possessed by a 20th century tire manufacturer? But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, let's spend an entire level sliding into Peng and Crazy Razy!!! And hey... Wily's bots seem to do pretty well walking on the ice, so it's not as if it can't be done! C'mon, Doc! Get up off your crusty butt and give the poor kid some Traction Boots for crap's sake!

(most of these screenshots were contributed by Danny, who is so cool that he refusese to use an alias)

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