Blue Thief
Company: Sega
Allies/Friends: allies
Enemies/Rivals: Ax Battler, Tyris-Flare, Gilius Thunderhead, Alex
Occupation: thief
Height: 2' 11
Weight: 71 lbs.
Sneaking, stealing and running.
Gear, Accessories, Equipment, etc.:
A loot sack to carry many, many magic bottles.
Appears in:
Golden Axe (arcade), Golden Axe (Genesis), Golden Axe: the Return of Death Adder, Golden Axe: the Duel (Arcade)
Sprites (Official)
Blue Thief: Standing
Fan art gallery (currently on character gallery
Hack and Slash, Item Thief
Attributes: Golden Axe enemies (Genesis):
- Attack Level: A
- Move Level: B
"Hee Hee Heeee!" - Golden Axe (Arcade)
ScrollBoss Secton Links:
Sprites - Golden Axe series

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